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I started my professional Web Programming career in 2005. Coming from a strong programming background, where we were taught to write parsers and compilers. At the most, I could use Bison, Lex and YACC to get something generated for Parsers and Compilers. Gradually, I got attracted towards Opensource and for me, everything was Linux.

When I first heard about WordPress and the term CMS, I simply rejected it. After earning a degree in Computer Science and through out the course, we are taught about Computer Architectures, Operating Systems, Networks, databases, Programming Languages, Data Structures, Algorithms and more that are used by developers while building a web solution in order to build a robust, scalable and reliable end product for the right stack while considering other aspects related to building, operating and running a web solution. If I do not do serious coding, I don’t consider myself a developer. On the contrary, we now have a tool that has almost everything pre-built. It’s like buying a pre-built car with a nice look and feel. I can easily change the color of my car or remove some windows from the car and so on.

WordPress initially started as a micro blogging Content Management System (CMS) in 2003. It was developed in PHP/ MySQL. WordPress gradually became a CMS for complex websites and today the number of WordPress developers is more than that of Java.

After all, there are many points that make WordPress stand apart. It’s currently being used by small businesses to big corporate houses. Clients often want to change certain stuff within their website and for which, they do not want to pay developers to make those changes.


WordPress is updated all the time, it has good SEO, thousands of available plugins and widgets that you can seamlessly integrate within your website and so many other benefits. You can find all the advantages and benefits of a WordPress site, all over the internet, but the Top 5 reasons that I like most, specially to address the business needs, can be found here Top 5 advantages  of using WordPress

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